The story so far...

Vintage style and comfort, promising exceptionally cooked food and fine teas & coffee.


Opened in March 2018, Forsyth & Reed set out to provide top quality food created from top quality ingredients, to the modern era of the discerning diner and foodie. It’s a simple concept based on the credo: if you like the best, you naturally want to give the best. The owners mission was to create a lasting brand that simply offers a comfortable space to relax nestled in an eclectic mix of furnishings, surrounded by a modern twist on vintage style that could naturally evolve over time...this is just the beginning.

Chef and co-owner Eddie Saint was classically trained and has previously experienced the kitchens of high-end eateries and Michelin starred chefs. His take on classic breakfasts and the ability to prepare them to perfection is key to a simple concept. A touch of French cuisine, mixed in with tantalizingly British platters, bring simplistic diversity to an evolving menu. As a nod to the historic past behind the name Forsyth & Reed, and not wanting to stand motionless in time, Eddie creates Specials that will often feature the chefs love of beautifully prepared and arranged fish dishes using top local ingredients, supplied fresh from the markets at North Shields that day. The comfortable setting is supplemented by a menu that, not only delivers, but also brings the excitement that comes with change and diversity…we hope you enjoy the experience

About the name...

Hannah Watson was the maternal Great Grandmother of the owner. She was widowed when her husband was shot on the front line in The Battle of Passchendaele at West Flanders in 1917. She remarried in the1920’s and became Hannah Forsyth. Affectionately referred to as Nana Fossy, she was a strong woman who preferred times as they were when life may have been tough, but were nevertheless uncomplicated by the accouterments of modern times. On visits to see her she would invariably be scrubbing the front steps to her home in North Shields, wearing sturdy shoes, calf length billowing black dress, and white apron tied at the waist, she had never really altered her style in 60 years. Grace, the daughter of Hannah Forsyth married young and became Grace Reed in the 1930’s. On weekend stopovers, she always fed her grandchildren scrambled eggs laced with pepper in a soup bowl at breakfast, accompanied by a large white bread doorstep. She was a busy woman who never appeared to stop. Her husband William Sydney Smith Reed could have been a man hewn from stone. A merchant navy man dragged in to WW2 as a frigate rear gunner and landed on the island of Capri shortly after the war had taken hold. When the war was over he took a job on a whaling vessel and headed for Ascension Island, midway between Africa and Argentina in the Atlantic Ocean. He never remembered this trip fondly but it set him up for a life as 2ND Mate on a trawler making trips out of North Shields, spending many briny years bringing in the fish to a then prosperous town. He was well known and respected on the fish quay and loved to regularly visit the fish market up to the day he died at the age 86…and hence we have the name Forsyth & Reed.

Creating perfection from the best

At Forsyth & Reed it’s important that we deliver the tastiest most sumptuous food to your taste buds, complement with coffee you could die for. That’s why we always source the freshest ingredients from the best suppliers in the region and beyond. Everything cooked to order so you can guarantee your taste buds are experiencing the best that you can ever be served.

We like to know the provenance

From a hessian sack full of coffee beans, starting a journey in Ethiopia, to be roasted in Sandyford purely for your delectation. …or a single egg laid on a farm in Northumberland, delivered straight to your plate in a freshly made hollandaise sauce. …and the catch of the day from the markets of North Shields …we know where our ingredients come from.

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